REO's product partners

REO aims to promote and partner with local, community-oriented brands. We are proud to be working with these companies for Summer 2018:


SunRype provides healthy, vegan bars for our rafting trips and yoga retreats. This is the second year we are working with them!

Ethical Bean provides fresh, fair-trade coffee to our yoga retreats. They ensure all our yogis are fuelled for a day of full-body stretching and postures! 

Foamers' Folly provides local craft beer for our social hour, welcome packages and campfire entertainment. Our wilderness resort is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious, cold one after a long day on the river or yoga field! 

Cookies of Course
provides handmade delicious cookies for our lunch desserts! With a variety of cookies that are all made with trans fat free vegetable shortening and unbleached flour, they are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! 

A big thanks to all our product partners! If you are interested in partnering with REO, shoot us an email