Glamping & Cabin Tents At REO

Enjoy an amazing view of the jade-green pools and whitewater rapids of the Nahatlatch River right from your own cabin tent.

When you book any overnight lodging package with REO, you get a choice of cabin tent options. Our Quad cabin tents have 4 twin beds; our Queen units have one queen bed and our Luxury Moroccan and Country cabin tents have King beds. Our popular Family tents have 1 Queen bed and 3 twin beds.  

Glamping, or glamorous camping, offers a comfortable upgrade from the more rustic camping in your own tent: 9 foot waterproof ceilings, solid wood decks, choice of Twin, Queen or King beds.  All Glamping packages include dinner, breakfast and lunch. So easy - no complicated meal planning, no shopping, no cooking and no clean up! Glamping with REO is all about relaxing in the great outdoors and enjoying time with your friends and family.

Cabin Tents: Standard Twin Bed & Queen Bed Cabin Tents

Cabin tentCabin tents are appealing by their simplicity. Each canvas tent is braced by hand-peeled log poles and features solid 2 X 8 wooden decking. The tent ceiling is 9 feet high so they are roomy and comfortable. Public washrooms & showers are close by. With the sound of the river outside your tent it makes for a dreamy sleep!

Standard and deluxe cabin tents are your best value option. Our standard units come with 4, 5 or 8 twin beds. Our Deluxe Queen units come with one queen bed, perfect for couples. Each cabin tent is located on the edge of a canyon overlooking the whitewater rapids and jade-green pools of the Nahatlatch.

Luxe King Bed: Country & Moroccan Cabin Tents

Country Cabin

REO has redefined the concept of roughing it. We have three exclusive and luxurious rivers edge cabin tents with refined features and comfy King beds. These themed cabin tents are ideal for couples celebrating a special occasion and anyone seeking the opportunity to feel pampered while on vacation.

Our luxury cabin tents include the Moroccan, Country and Anticipation units. All three have a king sized bed, a hand-peeled internal log structure and private decks overlooking the Nahatlatch River. Each are outfitted with rustic, yet elegant furnishings and premium bedding and towels.

Moroccan Cabin